Selling Gold Online to Cash for Gold Companies


While many people enjoy the convenience of working with a local buyer, online organizations may be the better option for some people.  The biggest advantage that online gold buyers have is that they are generally able to offer a higher price. Online gold buyers don't pay the high overhead costs that local buyers incur.  Much of the savings that online gold buyers have over local buyers are passed on to the customers. Without the expenses of running a store, customers are able to receive a higher price for their gold.  You'll find plenty of competitive local buyers listed on here, but more likely than not, you'll see online prices significantly higher than local buyers.  If you have decided that online gold selling is for you, we have outlined what to expect from the process below.

Online Gold Selling Process

1. Find A Reputable Dealer

When looking where to sell your gold, it is important to find an organization with a good reputation. Some important things to look for are:

- How long they have been in business
- Fees and other commissions that may be charged to you
- Amount of insurance
- Average turnaround time

Many of these things can be found on the company’s website or in reviews from past customers.  The two organizations mentioned below (, offer great service throughout the gold selling process and are highly recommended.  More information on selecting a gold buyer can be found on the MMMM page.

2. Obtain A Selling Kit

Once you have determined where you will sell your gold, the next step is obtaining a gold selling kit from the organization.  These can be mailed to your house and sometimes even printed immediately.  The gold selling kits will most likely contain forms for the products that you are selling along with pre-paid postage for when you mail in your gold.

3. Record Item Details

It is a good idea to weigh your products and find as much information on them as you can before sending them in.  While the information you have most likely wont allow you to find an accurate price, it can help you determine whether the refinery is offering a fair price.

4. Mail Kit

Once the refinery receives the gold, an assay will be performed to find the gold content and based on the current market, a price will be determined.  Gold sellers will then be informed on the value of their product and can make a decision whether to sell or not.

5. Decide On Whether To Sell Your Gold Or Not

Yes - If a person does decide to sell their gold, then a check for the value of the product will be mailed to the seller.

No – Many times refineries are willing to return the item to the owner if they do not accept the offer.  Despite the refinery returning the product, it will no longer be in its original form and most likely just a small piece of similarly useless gold.  


Sell Gold to Online Gold Buyers

Company BBB Rating Insurance Years in Business Approx. Payout Verified
comapany logo A+ $5,000 12 years $34.36 DWT verified
comapany logo A- $5,000 2 years $31.45 DWT verified